423 Broad Street
P.O. Box 218
Tatamy, PA 18085

Council / Committees

Tatamy Borough Mayor
James Pallante - 12/31/25 | Email

Council President
Robert Hayes - 12/31/25 | Email

Council Vice-President
Pamela Pearson - 12/31/23 | Email

Council Pro Tem
Daniel Dewey - 12/31/23 | Email

Kristine Porter - 12/31/25 | Email
Timothy Frey - 12/31/25 | Email
Robert Wagner - 12/31/23 | Email
Frank Young - 12/31/23 | Email

Jr. Council Person


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Tatamy Council meetings will be held at Llantrisant Retreat & Wellness Center 336 Bushkill Street until further notice. This will allow for proper social distancing.

Tatamy Borough Council: 1st Monday of Month at 7:00pm. Executive session will precede each Council meeting as needed at 6:30pm. Select any date below to view approved minutes.

2023 Meeting Dates
January 9
February 6
March 6
April 3
May 1
June 5
July 3
August 7
September 5
October 2
November 6
December 4
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Archived Minutes

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2023 Committees

Bushkill Creek Conservancy
Bob Hayes
Kristine Porter

Community & Economic Development
Kristine Porter (Chair)
Pam Pearson
Tim Frey

Michael Lester

Emergency Management
Don DeReamus (Chair)
James Pallante (Mayor)
Bob Hayes (Council President)
Pam Pearson (Council Vice President)
Dan Dewey (As needed per Emergency Action Plan)
Kris Porter (As needed per Emergency Action Plan)
Rob Wagner (As needed per Emergency Action Plan)
Shawn McDonald (Tatamy Fire Company)
Kim Albert (Tatamy Fire Company)
Fred McDonald (Tatamy Fire Company)
Keith Snyder (Police)
Ryan McGinley (Public Works)
Frank Young (Public Works & Council)
Mark Saginario (Borough Manager / Liaison)

Environmental Steering
Tim Frey (Chair)
Rob Wagner
Frank Young

Hazard Mitigation Planning
Bob Hayes
Frank Young
Tatamy Fire Co. President Kim Albert
Tatamy Fire Co. Chief Shawn McDonald
Police Chief Keith Snyder
James Pallante
Don DeReamus EMO

Nazareth COG
Mark Saginario
James Pallante (Alternate)
Kellie Nolder (2nd Alternate)

Northampton County Gov't Rep
Mark Saginario
Ryan McGinley (Alternate)

NTCC (Appointment by Resolution – annually)
Mark Saginario
James Pallante (Alternate)

Parks & Recreation
James Pallante (Chair)
Kristine Porter
Frank Young
Tim Frey
Josh Saeger

Personnel Finance & Administration
Pam Pearson (Chair)
Dan Dewey
Robert Wagner
Bob Hayes (Alternate)

Public Works & Facilities
Ryan McGinley (Chair)
Bob Hayes
Robert Wagner
Dan Dewey

Public Safety
Dan Dewey (Chair)
Frank Young
Kristine Porter

Workplace Safety
Mark Saginario (Chair)
Kellie Nolder (Secretary)
Kim Albert (Fire Company)
Fred McDonald (Fire Company)
Ryan McGinley (Public Works)
Tyler Corter (Public Works)
Brent Castelletti (Police)

Vacancy Board
Ryan McGinley

Tatamy Borough